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Bev Evans The Creative Pioneer relaxing out back in the 3 season class room

Hi there, I'm Bev, a Brit now living by the Beach in South Carolina, USA. 

I was a creative child, always helping my Mum pretty up our home, Dad was not that creative 🤦‍♂️, so it was left to us girls, and since being with my hubby, we have been doing the same, and flipping homes ever since.

I opened my Website, The Creative Pioneer in memory of our Golden Retriever pup, Bailey, he was such a gift to us and when I create my pet designs he is never far from my thoughts. When we lost our boy, I channeled my grief into creating custom art and décor for our home showing our pup in all his glory and also homes that we had shared together. When we walk past a piece of Art or snuggle up with a soft Dog pillow, it gives us something that we can remember these special times by and the beautiful memories now surround us each and every day.
I hope my custom designs will also bring others joy and perhaps remembrance of their loved ones or special homes too.

Designing unique décor items for your home or creating custom items for my clients keep my creative juices flowing, I am always trying to envisage new designs that I love and I hope you will too!

I also give back, ❤️🐶 The Creative Pioneer 🐱❤️ regularly donates to animal charities in our community and beyond, and your purchase can truly help to make a difference 💚

This is my first venture with selling online though, and I do hope you will be there to cheer me on along the way!

Thanks for reading my story, 

Bev 🤗

The Creative Pioneer