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Bev Evans The Creative Pioneer relaxing out back in the 3 season class room

Hi there, I'm Bev, a Brit now living by the Beach in South Carolina, USA. 

I trained and qualified as an Interior Designer many years ago and I just love to decorate and create a beautiful home. My hubby and I have worked our way up the housing ladder by flipping homes as we go, we are now on our 10th flip and  enjoy putting our skills into action, especially adding custom details and design ideas as we look to stage our home for sale.

Over the years I have honed my DIY skills and learned from some great craftsmen along the way too! I joined the Plaster Paint family in 2015 where I learned various furniture and cabinet painting techniques and acquired new skills from my mentors and peers alike, I passed on that knowledge to eager students at the classes I would hold where my clients could learn to paint their own furniture and cabinets, or add their own twist creating some fun decor for their homes.

I am now entering the online space and utilizing my graphic design skills to bring you unique and custom artwork and home decor.

Creating beautiful watercolor style images digitally using your photos and my imagination.

You can find my home decor line here in the SHOP section, I hope you love my style, and please keep visiting often.

So thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in my story and the inspiration behind The Creative Pioneer!

Bev 🤗

The Creative Pioneer