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About ME | The Creative Pioneer

Bev Evans The Creative Pioneer relaxing out back in the 3 season class room

Hi there, I'm Bev, a Brit now living in beautiful Pennsylvania, USA. 

I trained and qualified as an Interior Designer many years ago before sidetracking into sales, where I worked my way up the corporate ladder...... when looking down the path I had taken, it wasn't where my heart was or where I really wanted to be, but sometimes it's just easier to stay on that path and go with it, this was me for 20+ years #sadface.

It wasn't until almost 10 years ago with a move from the UK to Canada that gave me the push and the incentive to get creative for a living again, and I'm so happy I did, there's nothing like a life changing move across the Atlantic to put things into perspective. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and evaluate what really matters in life.

Over the years I have crafted away and honed my skills, I now run a thriving Home Organization service and I am working every day to build my online store too! During these last 10 years we have had 6 major moves, in 3 different Countries....PHEW!!! But I LOVE what I do and this is why I open up shop as it were with each move.......I am now moving online with my decor business so I have a consistent base to work from, and people know where to find me, so welcome to my store!

I hope you find some inspiration in my designs, I create and design what brings me joy, so you will see I focus a LOT on Dogs. Whether you are looking for yourself, your home or a gift for a friend or family member, I am sure you will find something that will too make you go ahhhhhh!


So thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in my story and the inspiration behind The Creative Pioneer!

Bev 🤗

The Creative Pioneer